Why Lotus Notes?
To classify company's IT environment.

What is Lotus Notes
Lotus Notes is a work collaboration system which includes e-mail functionality, database development environment and integrated Web publishing tools.
Lotus Notes is a perfect solution to allow Web based document management and work flow processing systems. Using Lotus Notes Domino it is possible from any geographical location to access central document store.
Safety – Lotus Notes is worldwide approved solution for development of specially safe systems which guarantee information access control in more levels.
Lotus Notes Domino is client-server architecture system. This provides for many users on one's own geographical location together to access the central document store and possibility fast and easy get information about changes.
Together with e-mail funkcionality Lotus Notes provides high developed timesheet and resource management which provides maximum effective collective work.
Apart from in what formats your information is stored in your company, apart from what work environment you are using – that all can be centralized in one organic entirety, using Lotus Notes Domino.


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